Photos: Kostas Maros

"Rumours of Dust"          by Debora Maiques marin

In her choreography, Debora Maiques Marin looks at how relationships with people are put to the test when misunderstandings occur and rumours are spread. She skilfully explores how perceiving others creates an uncertainty which becomes part of our personal imagination. As it is typical of her work, Debora merges dance with theatre, creating an every day atmosphere, thus making it easier for the audience to identify with the characters.

"Tulpa - if yes how many?"          by Sol Bilbao Lucuix

In this piece Sol Bilbao Lucuix presents the relationship between a person and an air object, addressing the theme of identity and its different phases throughout life. The interaction between the two leads to two simultaneous processes, while the object is acquiring life, the person suffers a progressive loss of naturalness in his movements.

"Brother from another mother"         by Javier Rodríguez cobos

Our closest friends influence and at times determine our experiences, actions and mood. Today social media is brining into them a new dynamic. In this dance piece by Javier Rodríguez Cobos, he shows this development in a sensitive yet humours way, reflecting the reality of today’s close friendships.


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