Loop TanZ I

2016, Neues Theater Dornach (Switzerland)

Three evenings showing  the individual dance pieces: My colouring book (by Debora Maiques Marín), Terengue (by Sol Bilbao Lucuix) and Tender Dreams (by Javier Rodríguez Cobos).


Collaboration Projects

Can I Say (Debora Maiques marin) & Sweet Dreams (Javier Rodríguez Cobos)

2015, Filter4danc3 - Basel (Switzerland)

TenGuerengue (Sol Bilbao Lucuix)

2015, Interdans -Lebbeke (Belgium)

Tea Time (Debora Maiques Marin)

2015, DanceLab 7 - Basel (Switzerland)

SMIOA (Sol Bilbao Lucuix) & Splitt Fighters (Javier Rodríguez Cobos)

2014, DanceLab 6 - Basel (Switzerland)

Involution (Sol Bilbao Lucuix)

2014, Unternehmen Mitte - Basel (Switzerland)

La Piazza (Sol Bilbao Lucuix & Javier Rodríguez Cobos)

2013, Gare du Nord - Basel (Switzerland)

Keep on Dreaming (Javier Rodríguez Cobos)

2013, Art Basel - Basel (Switzerland)

Ugly Fact (Debora Maiques Marin)

2013, DanceLab 5 - Basel (Switzerland)

Souru (Sol Bilbao Lucuix)

2013, Basel Ballet School - Basel (Switzerland)

Sinus (Sol Bilbao Lucuix) & Al calor de Lucia (Javier Rodriguez Cobos)

2012, DanceLab4 - Basel (Switzerland)

Alleine zu zweit (Debora Maiques Marin) & I am... (Javier Rodríguez Cobos) & GRIMJA (SOL BILBAO LUCUIX)

2011, DanceLab3 - Basel (Switzerland)

S-pacios (Sol Bilbao Lucuix) & On days like these (Javier Rodriguez Cobos)

2009, Dance Lab3 - Basel (Switzerland)

Ay Ay Ay... (Sol Bilbao Lucuix & Javier Rodríguez Cobos)

2007, Introdans - Arnhem (The Netherlands)